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Security, Safety & Control V Telexper Rugged Mobile Video DVR
We are also expanding these systems. Planes, Trains, tractor trailers, and any other application we can get inputs on are all being included as new options for our Telexper Cam Auto Vision.

- Law enforcement
- Auto vision
- Buses and public transportation




Vehicle System

Central Management System

4 camera inputs

Live video streaming over 3G network

2 microphones inputs

Real time GPS vehicle tracking

Real time 30fps recording

2 way communication using VoIP

G-force inertia sensor

Dispatch monitoring of real time events

Emergency Panic Alarm

Emergency of alert monitoring

4 Customizable Alert Settings

Capable of handling of entire police

HDD in shock-proof, tamper-resistant Case

Dept. up to 512 cars simultaneously

Real time GPS tracking

Integrates with Online Map service

Resolution: 320*240 or 640*480 (30/25fps)
Compression: Wavelet
Removable 2.5 HDD

Optional date-time, speed, footbrake stamp in video.

This rugged Mobile Video Recorder is special design for vehicles applications of new video surveillance systems. Using a 2.5 HDD as data storage medium and the most static Wavelet video coding technology, its quakeproof performance and stability, is better suitable for Vehicle shaking, vibrating and complex work harsh environment.

Products are widely used in vehicles, long-distance passenger cars (coach), school buses, city public bus, law enforcement vehicles, bank cars, armor truck, and the special
Rugged and Ultra Compact mobile video recorder, Vehicle168, is a very affordable industrial grade Digital Video Recorder . It is specially designed to withstand harsh environment and ultra-high impact, making it ideal for diversified application of mobile security .

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