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Upgrade your monitoring operation and speed up incident response
Telexper's complete IP CCTV solution offers a tight integration of intelligent video surveillance, access control and IP PA system, bringing many benefits to small and large scale hotel. With Telexper modular system design, it is easy for manager to upgrade current analog system, expand and manage in different ways. We are here to look after your staff, properties and guests staying experience.

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The Solution

Integrate your analog cameras to NVR and retain your investment in analog system
Telexper offers the fastest way to upgrade your old CCTV system to IP megapixel system. Telexper video servers retain your current working cameras and allow you to add in IP camera based on your schedule and budget, so you could keep your investment cost to the minimal.
32/64ch Video Server
V Digitalize current system while retaining the working analog cameras and coaxial cables
V Hot Swap Blade Design
V Up to four (4) Simultaneous Video Streams
V Redundant Power Modules Design
Video Analytics on IP cameras
Megapixel IP cameras with alarm detection oversee the whole property, especially the main entrance, lobby and exits. High Definition cameras give a clear view of the vehicles and guests to ensure a safe environment.
alarm detection
Besides high definition video surveillance, Telexper IP camera is pro-active and pushes alarm to center on a timely manner. Advanced video analytics such as forbidden zone, face recognition and people counting not only secure the property, but also provide more information to the managerial level.
Mega Pixel Industry-level Camera
V Plug & Play, Configuration free
V Controllable IR and Remote Smart Focus
V Build-in IVA( Intelligent Video Analysis) Function
Managing access authorizations
We provide the eyes for the security guards to monitor all the access point, people come and by and surrounding areas. Integrated with access control devices such as card readers, Telexper CMS logs the faces of employees coming in and out in addition to the card data.
Managing access authorizations
IP Camera integrates Card Reader
V Access with HD snapshots
V Card name, ID and time OSD to the video
V No time delay in capturing people coming in and out.
Network-based background music
Telexpers PA system is the most efficient and effective solution for broadcasting different music to different groups of speakers/zones over the network. Mobile APP is available for managers to broadcast audio to any speaker anytime anywhere.
IP PA system
V Audio transmit over IP network
V Quick Setup of multiple zones/groups schedule
V Emergency broadcast integrates with CCTV alarm triggers
PC-free client stations
Matrix Decoders can be placed at the security room to view all cameras and pop-up video when an alarm is triggered. Selective important cameras can be viewed anywhere at any network point. For example, display selective cameras at a HD monitor at the lobby.
TV Wall Decoder
V Multi-areas monitoring
V Can be scattered around the site as long as it is connected to the CCTV network.
V PTZ Control
The benefit
E Direct and centralized all-in-one megapixel video surveillance
E Transform existing cameras and cable into a High Definition recording system
E Instantly detect and respond to incidents
E Public address system with multi-background music enhances guest experiences
Telexper system is scalable, offering additional cameras or workstations to be easily installed and cost-effectively expansion in the future. Telexper CMS allows manager to response quickly to incidents and retrieve video footage for evidence. The modular structure design guarantee the stability that once any subsystem crushes, it wont affect other system operation.
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