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Invest Your Security and Efficiency
The financial institutions certainly make comparisons between investments and cost, installing further systems from the existing technology might be perceived as an additional cost. The fact is that when the banks are involving fraud and criminals, these costs are not only for the damaged facilities, also injuries to passers-by or even the victimization of the bank's own customers. To effectively confront the financial fraud, Telexper is dedicating in providing affordable solutions the financial institutions concern and keep attention for future requirement on the banks security.

Telexper solutions improve safety and operational efficiency, also can facilitate various activities while optimizing costs. Telexper brings the considerable advantages of integrating with alarm systems and access control, even a remotely managerial security platform

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The Solution

Great Synergy Merging Analog to IP System
Telexper solutions allows to upgrade the existing analog system into IP-based seamlessly while keeping the investment cost to the minimal.
Telexper Hybrid DVR
V Co-existence of multiple analog & full HD 1080P IP cameras. Maximums to 48ch IP cameras.
V Seamlessly upgrade analog system to digital IP system
V Central Management Software provides Live-view, Record, Playback, Backup, Client-view, Remote-view.
nVS-16 Slim
V The most cost-effective video encoder solution
V 16 alarm inputs
V H.264 / Motion-JPEG Video Codec
V Up to 960 fps @D1 Resolution Video Stream
Add a section about centrally monitoring all branches
The financial institutions with a number of branches require a central management system to ensure every branch is secured. Telexper CMS gives the banks a flexible and edging surveillance system from the head quarter to branches. Telexper makes video monitoring management more efficient with real-time video, video export and authority management.
In addition to the Telexper CMS, Telexper TV Wall solution provides an overview from every camera-covered area in the branch office. At the head quarter, Telexper TV Wall display live video from all the branches eliminating the multiple TV wall PC-based servers or graphic cards.
TV Wall Decoder
V Multi-areas monitoring
V Can be scattered to each sites as long as it is connected to the CCTV network.
V PTZ Control
Future-proof IP Surveillance for your ATM Operation
Telexper provides ATM NVR with super compact camera inside the ATM, which includes triplex working of record, replay and back up. IP-based structure allows remote on-site viewing to monitor ALL NVR status and report any abnormal situation.
ATM Surveillance Solution
V Integrated with ATM system
V Centrally manage over 1,000 NVRs
V Operation not affected by HDD failure
V Fast Card Number Search
V Video storage & export schedule
Customization for Your Bandwidth Environment
The banks have a number of branch offices in usual cases. Since daily business system operations consume most bandwidth, IP video transmission for the banks has been a huge challenge to accommodate different bandwidth environments. Telexper offers fine-tune video compression to address your bandwidth environment. The video compression process will not affect recording and export video quality.
Customized Video Compression
V Remote surveillance and management
V Transmit video over low bandwidth
V Video Storage & Export
V Video Export Schedule
The benefit
E Centralized management from the headquarter to each branch office
E Future-proof ATM IP surveillance solution
E Improving operation efficiency for low bandwidth environment
E Authority management form branch office to headquarter
Telexper system is scalable, offering multiple managerial authorities or workstations to be easily installed and cost-effectively expansion for every branch offices, even remote surveillance from the head quarter. The modular structure design guarantees the stability that once any subsystem crushes, it wont affect other system operation. Telexper system has succeeded in banking cases all over the world. Telexper yearns to satisfy customers demands and provide the best solution for your security and efficiency.
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