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Special Application
- Vehicle DVRs
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On-line Service
 IP Emergency Intercom System

The System includes Emergency Server, Emergency Software, and Emergency Camera. It is a 2-way voice communication with echo cancellation mechanism that prevents echo from interfering the clarify of audio over TCP/IP network and enables straight high- quality voice communication between cameras and server after pressing the Emergency Big Red Panic button.

Only RJ45 cable is needed to connect to all devices.

Built-in hidden 1080P camera with speaker and microphone allows the Emergency Server to see and to communicate with the cameras on site. Emergency Software provides firsthand real-time video & audio & alarm display information for the security center to take necessary immediate actions.

 System Features:

Emergency Intercom Hidden IP Camera
● Press Big red panic button for 2-way voice communication in a flash.
● Video/Audio communication over IP networks
● Echo Cancellation mechanism across network
● 1/3” CMOS Sensor
● PoE-enabled (IEEE802.3af, Power-over-Ethernet)
● Plug & Play, Ubiquitous nEI camera via RJ45 cable
● H.264/M-JPEG (SOC) dual-mode compression
● Full 1920x1080 @30fps

Emergency Intercom Software
● System Software is Decisive, Effective, and Corrective.
● Support multiple Groups & multiple E-Maps
● Drag & Drop cameras to any E-Map and see live images.
● When alarms occur, E-Map auto displays Alarm-cameras.
● 4 Multiple Alarm Live Displays, and more in Alarm List
● Support 32 Alarm Triggers simultaneously
● Broadcast to all or multiple groups.
● Support up to 128 nEI cameras
● Playback & AVI Export of Video, Audio and Alarm Footages
● Playback of any Event Log and see its recorded data
 Software Functions and Interface
Emergency Intercom System
Emergency Intercom System
Immediate and full control of any incident with user-friendly GUI and E-Map
Monitor any device any time
Emergency Intercom System
Emergency Intercom System
Instant alarm notifier on E-Map
Instant intercommunication with live video when an event occurs
Emergency Intercom System
Emergency Intercom System
Device group management
Playback of event footage from alarm log
Perfect for parking structures, schools, public restrooms, hospitals, public transportation, parks, bike trails, train carriages, elevators, gas station, other public areas and more.
Network Emergency Intercom System with Hidden CCD IP Camera
 IP Emergency Intercom System Demo:
IP Emergency Intercom Live Demo
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