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Telexper System for City Parking Garages
One of the largest city parking garage companies in Northern California, USA has invested in IP network based video surveillance system manufactured by Telexper, to centrally monitor multiple parking garages for a safe and secure environment.

The existing analog cameras installed in the parking garages were still operating, so Hybrid NVR came in as the perfect replacement for DVRs. Telexper Hybrid NVR supports both current analog cameras and new megapixel IP cameras.
It digitalizes existing analog cameras to IP signal while supporting multiple 1080P full HD (1920 x 1080P) cameras. 1080P network cameras come with high power LED, day-and-night, PoE (power over Ethernet) function and auto focus zoom feature, so they are easy to install and operate in different environment such as staircases, parking areas, entrances and exits. Each camera also has external alarm input, audio input/output and built-in motion detection functions, which detect any suspicious activity in prohibited area, trigger event recording and turn on siren for warning. The high definition of the cameras provides sufficient quality for video recording, which can easily be used for incident investigation.
Telexper MultiViewer software is used to centrally monitoring multiple garages with Hybrid NVR. The management team can view all cameras (256ch on one monitor) and playback footage via MultiViewer without accessing to each Hybrid NVR.The multi-layer E-Map display allows the manager to quickly locate Hybrid NVR whenever there is incident and further export videos as evidence. MultiViewer monitors all Hybrid NVRs recording status and disconnection, so the management team is always in loop of the system status. MultiViewer is capable of connecting to 128 NVRs (Hybrid or Commander Station), so it is ideal for managing over 100 garages.
Telexper IP solution not only upgraded the current analog cameras, but also offered a megapixel viewing and managing experience to the parking garage company.
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