Delivery Your Message Across Entire Campus

PA system has been widely used in a school or campus. But how to fulfill the requirement covering from classrooms, gym and entire campus can be challenging for the managers. Telexper provides the state-of-art solution, to re-define the functionality of School PA system, and enable a positive learning environment.


Telexper PA system is developed as IP-based structure. In the reach of the IP network, the audio can be easily broadcasted to one or multiple areas across the campus.
Telexper PA system is capable of setting up school bell and class schedule. The preset playlist can seamlessly work with the campusˇ¦s daily schedule.
On school fair or special event, you can schedule on specific date to broadcast songs for the special event.
Integration to fire alarm or emergency notification is available on Telexper system. When the alarm is triggered, the notification/ evacuation message can be sent out through Telexper PA system immediately.
All operations are programmed on stand-alone PA server. No more complicated operations, the faculty can easily apply schedules to daily/ weekly/ monthly timetable on Telexper user-friendly software.


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