Create Extraordinary Customer Experience: IP-based Smart Hotel PA System

The Smart Hotel solutions aim to help the hotel manager to bring new, exciting customer experience, as a positive impression of the hotel to keep a longer customer relationship. PA system can be an option of enhancing positive guest experiences.

Background Music welcomes you home

However for Smart Hotel Solution seekers, the traditional system has limitations:

Multiple Wiring for Installation

Multiple wiring is required to construct a traditional PA system, so the installation is difficult and costly. The complicated wiring also increases the difficulty on maintenance and expansion.

Too Complicated to Operate
Traditional PA system is consisted of mixer, broadcast and scheduler servers. The system not only takes a lot of capacity to be placed, it is also very complicated for the hotel staff to operate different servers at one time.

Telexper IP PA System not only addresses the limitations and disadvantages of traditional system, but also creates a different customer experience to solidify loyalty.

IP-based Smart Hotel PA System

Advantages of Telexper IP-based PA system

IP-based Structure: Easy and flexible on installation

Based on IP structure, Telexper PA system makes the installation/ expansion easy and cost-effective. The system and devices can be quickly setup and managed under network infrastructure.


Easy Installation & Flexible Scalability

Telexper PA system is an all-in-one, industrial-grade server built-in with powerful graphic software for sound sources, instant broadcast, multiple zones mixer, and scheduler. There is no special training required!


Broadcast different music to lobby, hallways and other common areas simultaneously

User can setup different broadcast/ playlist group based on different areas/floors. No need for extra mixer server as all settings can be easily configured on Telexper graphic software.


Play pre-recorded promotional announcements

The music playlist and promotional announcement can be loaded and broadcast to selective zones at specific time. You may record the announcement directly on the Telexper PA system as well.


Play pre-recorded promotional announcements

The Smartphone APP for broadcasting over 4G networks brings mobility to the hotel staff. The user can control and broadcast to all speakers even he/she is not in front of the PA System.



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