What is Digital Video Recorder?

What is Digital Video Recorder?
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a revolutionary security surveillance system. Digital Video Recorder uses latest image compression technology to record cameras' images into the DVR's Hard Disk storage.
What is the difference between ordinary Time Lapse VCR with Multiplexer and DVR?

Currently the security products sold on the market, there are two major surveillance systems to choose from: Time Lapse VCR with Multiplexer and Digital Video Recorders. 
Traditional Time Lapse VCR with multiplexer is using VHS or Beta tape to record images. The Disadvantages of using VHS or Beta tape are: 
1. Image quality decreased since Tape is demagnetized due to repeat uses. 
2. The lifespan of tape decreased or tape became unusable due to moisture density. 
3. In case that you need to keep the recoded images for long period of time, then you will need a great storage space for the great number of tapes.

Triplex Multiplex, (Digital Video Recorder) using latest image compression technology displays multiple cameras' images, record, archive and instant images retrieval simultaneously. Using Telexper's DVR will save you a lot of time and money.

What are features of Telexper's Digital Video Recording system?

Telexper's DVR systems have following function: Video multiplexer, Video recording, Event logger for motion detection and alarm, Archiving, TCP/IP Networking, and Remote Access.
Ease of use is one of Telexper's DVR system feature, a simple Graphic User Interface displays the digital images with resolution 640x480 pixels for both recording and playback mode. Easy plug and play computer mouse replacing the complicated buttons.
"Less is more" is the benchmark for Telexper's R&D team. While other manufacturers routinely expand their Hard Drive capacity, our Engineers focus on storing more premium quality images through the use of hard drive capacity.

What are the special features of DVR that ordinary multiplexer don't have?
Telexper DVR permits simultaneous playback, recording and instant retrieval of camera images from one to 16 sources. And it can split screen view from 1, 4, 9 to16 screens.  At recording mode, DVR will automatically back up images into Seagate tape drive. DVR can also set recording schedule and image quality for each camera.  Our R&D team integrate motion detector and external alarm sensor makes Telexperˇ¦s DVR a powerful security surveillance system.
How long can a DVR records?
Telexper DVR uses computer Hard Drive to store record images. A standard 40GB Hard disk will give you non-stop16 channels images up to 40 days. And you don't have to change tape anymore like your old Time lapse VCR. Telexper DVR will automatically recycle hard drive space by use "first-in-first-out" method to delete oldest images and record the newest image on it.
Do I really need a Tape Drive in my DVR?

Due to legal and administrational reasons, some enterprises are required to keep their record images for a long period of long time. Telexper DVR will recycle its self by deleting its data in hard drive when it reaches full capacity. Telexper DVR uses Seagate Tape Drive export recorded images for data back up purpose. 
Telexper can customize the DVR to suit you and your customers' specifications and needs.

Does Telexper DVR have Video Loss Detection?
Yes, Telexper DVR has video loss detection capability. When the video signal is not detected by the DVR, the camera number indicator on the front panel will flash with red light.
What is the Recording Speed of DVR?
Currently our DVR displays 60 Frames per Second at Spot Window. At Split Windows, the speed of display is 40 Frame per Second. Newer machine will be able to display up to a total of 120 frames per second.
How is Telexper's DVR compressing the images?
Telexper DVR save its recorded images in 2 modes, Enhance and Normal. When DVR uses Enhanced Mode, it saves the images in JPEG format, and when uses Wavelet compressing method, the images are recorded in Normal mode. But there is trade off when you change from Enhanced to Normal mode; the hard drive recording hours will decrease to one half or more.
What is Digital Zoom and Watermarking in Telexper DVR?

Telexper DVR allows you to view the desire image in a larger view by zooming the image digitally.
Watermarking is a technical method ensuring the integrity of record images. So, when you export images out from DVR in AVI format, Telexper DVR will encode the files by entering the Watermark in them. This function is a powerful tool in the police or insurance evidence authentication.

Can I set up external alarm sensors and motion detectors to DVR?

Yes, you can connect external alarm sensors to DVR to monitor and record specific areas. When you configure with DVR's alarm sensor function, when an alarm sensor goes off, the corresponded camera to that alarm sensor will be triggered and start recording.
Without buying and setup security motion detectors, DVR uses cameras' screen view as motion detector. When a movement detected on the screen, DVR will be triggered, PC speaker will sounded and display red square box on live screen. With Telexper DVR, you can set up to 4 zones in a single detected area.

Can I export the image stored in DVR's hard drive other than tape drive?
Yes, you can export the images in AVI format to floppy disk, Iomega Zip disk and USB supported DVD-ROM or CD-RW. You can also print a still image from any Windows compatible printer.
What is PTZ camera?
PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras are like ordinary cameras except they are mounted on a control stand. It allows you to control camera by panning, tilting and zooming the camera set.
Can I connect PTZ to DVR?
Setting up a PTZ is easy; simply connect PTZ with a converter (RS232/RS485) and connect to COM 1 or COM 2 port. Before Setting up, you will make sure your DVR has PTZ software installed.
I have customers use Speed Dome (PTZ), can DVR controls PTZ?
The software of Telexper DVR now support following 6 brands of PTZ: Kalatel, LiLin, Pelco, Kampro, VTC, AD (American Dynamic) and Panasonic. You donˇ¦t need to install extra control panel for PTZ, Telexper DVR software allow you to control PTZ with computer mouse.
What is Networking and Remote Access for Telexper DVR?
Telexper DVR use TCP/IP networking Adapter. You can access the Telexper DVR through standard communication media- Mobile phone, PSDN, ISDN ADSL, LAN, WAN, and modem transmission remotely control and monitor DVR unit. With Remote access function, you can view live images, play recorded images and change Setup options of the DVR anywhere in the world.
We don't have ADSL provider in our area, how can I connect DVR to gain Remote Access?
You can connect DVR with external modem that is Windows compatible by Dialup  line or Leased line to gain remote access.
My Internet Service Provider does not assign a Fixed IP address to me, how can I connect my DVR using LAN or WAN?
The latest Telexper DVR now supports Dynamic IP address connection. You will only need to register a unique domain name for your DVR in Telexper's Server.
Do I have to buy Telexper DVR Receiving software to connect my DVR?
Telexper's Telephone and LAN Transmission software is not sold separately.
This software is included in our User CD or you can download them from our web site at WWW.TELEXPER.COM
What is the hardware requirements to install Telexper receiving software?
In LAN transmission, use computer with speed of CPU PIII 500 and over, and 64M RAM (MIN.)
In telephone transmission, the receiver computer should use Intel 486 CPU (or over) and 32M RAM memory.
What type of operation system can Telexper DVR Receiver Software operate under?
Telexper DVR Receiver Software can be installed in Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000 and Microsoft Windows ME/NT/XP
If my operation system using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, can I install Telexper's Receiving software?
Yes, you can install Telexper Receiver Software in Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
I Have installed Telexper Receiver Software in my office PC, but it keep give me error message when I start running the software, why?

In order for you to run Telexper Receiver software in Microsoft Windows, please upgrade your Windows Internet Explorer to Version 5.5 SP2 or 6.0.
If your PC is running Microsoft Windows ME, please download 279866USAM.EXE from Microsoft at;EN-US;q279866 to fix the bugs in Windows ME.

What is Watch Dog Timer?
The Watch dog timer is a reset function build within DVR. When the system detected unusual software and hardware performance, the Watch Dog timer will reset the system in 2-3 minutes.
Do I have to buy a new DVR if there is software or hardware upgrade?
No, you don't have to buy a new DVR. Our R&D engineers had made the DVR upgradeable for both hardware and software. Please contact Telexper or your local dealer for upgrade information. For newest software upgrade, you can download them from our web site at WWW.TELEXPER.COM.
Why is one of my DVR's Hard Drive disk space recorded time shorter than the others?
There are many factors affects the total recording time on your DVR: Variation, Record Mode (Enhance mode or Normal mode), Picture Quality, Recording Speed, Hard disk Capacity, Scheduled Recording, Weighted Recording (Alarm sensor or motion detector) and the use of PTZ Camera can all affect the length of your recoding.
I am using WIN XP operation system, why when I install the internet remote software and try to do the AVI format form the software, I got error message "no codec found" in the process?
Please first update your WIN XP (HOME or PRO) to the SP1 and then go to Telexper download to download the CODEC_ENC and install to your computer, then the problem will solve.
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