How long will it take to format the hard disk?
It will take around 10 seconds to format an 80GB~160GB hard drive with TX168, but the recorded video will not playback in a PC. If you decide to have the feature of playback in a PC, please format the hard drive in FAT32 format. It will take around 10 minutes for an 80GB hard drive and 20 minutes for a 160GB hard drive.
What is the highest hard drive capacity TX168 series DVR can support?

TX168 can support all hard drive from Maxtor and Seagate with capacities from 40GB up to 400GB (for larger capacity please contact us directly sales@telexper.com)
NOTE: Some models like Western Digital hard drive does not work with TX168 series DVR.

Why can¡¦t I see anything when I move the cursor on OSD screen? 
(Mouse Series Only)

Please adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor setting.

What is V_Loss (Video Loss Alarm)?
V_Loss is the alarm mode that detects the connections of the cameras. The alarm will be activated if any camera disconnects to DVR.
Will my DVR record any motion that occurs during any time other than my REC schedule?
Yes. Once your cameras are in any alarm modes, your DVR will automatically record any motion even it is not in the REC schedule.
How long will my DVR record, if the motion occurs during any time other than my REC schedule?

The whole motion and 01-60 seconds after the motion occurred. The recording time after the motion occurred can be adjusted in Alarm REC under Display/Record.

Can I search playback the recorded file via the index of date/time, or alarm log?
Yes. You can easily playback the recorded video by searching the index of date, time or alarm on the unit or via the off-line player in your PC.
Will my DVR keep recording during Playback mode?
No. But please note that once REC Resume is on, the system will automatically return to live record mode after 5 minutes of inaction during Playback mode.
How can I get a video clip from TX168 series DVR?
1. Connect the video tape recorder to the monitor output.
2. Playback with TX168 by skipping to the time you need.
3. Record the video clip you need on the video tape recorder.
Why is my USB 2.0/IDE external converter not working properly?

Only WIN XP and WIN 2000 support USB2.0, and you need to update service pack or patch file from windows update. For more information, please visit 

Why my PC could not recognize the hard drive when conducting off-line player via IDE interface?

If the format of your recorded hard drive is not FAT32, it won¡¦t be recognized on the PC.

Why VMD (video motion detection) does NOT work when I¡¦ve set ¡§Motion¡¨ ON already?
Except turning on the ¡§Motion¡¨, you have to setup at least one (1) motion area to ENABLE the VMD.
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